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The school of electronic information engineering of Hebei University, formerly known as the Department of electronics of Hebei University, was founded in November 1970. The establishment of the Department is based on the original radio electronics, solid-state physics and semiconductor device factory, and the initial establishment of radio electronics, microelectronics and electronic comprehensive experimental factory. In 1977, it was renamed the Department of radio electronics according to the professional catalogue of the Ministry of education, with two majors of radio technology and semiconductor physics and devices. The comprehensive electronic experimental factory was abolished and the microelectronics research laboratory was established. In 1990, the Department of Electronics was renamed the Department of electronic and information engineering, with three majors: Computer Science, radio technology, semiconductor physics and devices. In July 1998, the Department of electronic and information engineering was divided into two colleges: electronic and information engineering and computer science. The College of electronic and information engineering was officially established. After more than 50 years of construction and development, it is now the largest engineering college of Hebei University.

The college consists of four departments and a laboratory center: Department of communication and electronic information engineering, Department of Electronic Science and technology, Department of Automation and Department of intelligent medical engineering and Experimental Center. At present, there are three first-class discipline master's degree authorization points: control science and engineering, electronic science and technology, and information and communication engineering; Master degree authorization point of electronic information in three professional directions: electronic and communication engineering, control engineering and integrated circuit engineering; Six undergraduate majors: Communication Engineering, electronic information engineering, automation, electronic science and technology, electrical engineering and automation, and biomedical engineering; In 2021, intelligent medical engineering was approved by the Ministry of education as a newly added undergraduate specialty in 2020.